Basic information in English

We help foreigners to overcome social, cultural, linguistic barriers by providing advice, information and accompaniment
 them for a purposeful life in Czech society.

foreigners who live or work in Pardubice region, for who looking for help and informations during the enforcement own law.
For foreigners who need to solve their difficult social situation.

a citizen of the Czech Republic who needs information from the field of foreign law.
The service is not intended for people who request:
• Commercial services (e.g. investment),
• Professional advisory services, (e.g.. clinical psychologist, family counsellor)

It is necessary to wear face mask in our office. 

Primary and secondary schools are closing valid from October 14 and children switch to compulsory distance learning.
 They will return to school again on Monday November 2.

Kindergartens remain open.
The teaching of children in Most pro, according to the agreement with the lecturer,
 is also switching to distance learning until  November 2.

distance learning

Dear students, due to the rapid spread of the COVID19 pandemic and the regulation of the Government of the Czech Republic, we are forced to  interrupt the Czech language courses starting from Monday October 10 until the withdrawal.

Please follow our website and facebook of the organization.

Thank you for your understanding, the team of Most pro o.p.s

Quarantine COVID19
Being in quarantine means being isolated at home. You must not go to the offices, to the post office, to shops, to the city center/downtown, to go out with friends, to go to work, or to visit the doctor’s office. If you feel unwell, talk to your doctor over the phone.
Meals must be provided among other members of your household. In the case of quarantine of the whole household, food may be ordered via the Internet by a delivery service. For example: Rohlí, Koší,
If you have made an appointment at the OAMP or the Foreign Police Department, you are obligated to cancel the appointment in time. Quarantine is a proper excuse for your absence from the offices and at work as well. But you should’ve announced your absence in time if possible before the deadline.
Violation of the quarantine is a criminal offense and risks a fine of up to 3 million Czech crowns.

New measures against the spread of coronavirus.

The Czech government has approved new measures against the spread of coronavirus.
The measures are valid from 6 am Thursday October 22, 2020.
– Closure of stores and services with the exception of basic necessities (food, drug stores, pharmacies …).
– Restrictions on movement, except for trips to work, shopping, to the doctor or to family.
– Movement in nature is possible only in pairs with the exception of people from one household.
– Stays in the cottage or in nature are allowed.
– Limitation of office hours to a maximum of 5 hours, twice a week.

The current regulations is valid until 3.11.2020